Wooden Piers & bearer attacked
by white ants

New brick piers, ant card, replace bearer

With weather board replaced

Extension of pier with tie downs

Tie downs with rods going through piers

Lack of piers -notice bearer with sag

New piers & additional bearers

House had been levelled, bricks packed on top of piers - notice bearer doesn't go all the way

New piers with the addition of piers

House being moved to site

Piers along the side

House Raising

House prior to being raised

On the way up

Piers for house transport

House being delivered to site

Piers being built prior to lowering

Screw Piers

Screw Piers being installed

Screw piers being installed

Jaws being placed under footings using the Lifting Bracket


Mass concrete underpins

Mass concrete. Notice gap under footing to allow room for pack of non-shrink grout

Ramming of non-shrink grout

Screw Piers

Screw piers for strip footing

Screw piers for strip footing

Jaws around sandstone footing

More Piers

Ash Piers (before)

(after) New concrete piers & footings

Brick piers & brick footings (before)

New piers and concrete footings

House Leveling

Notice jacks all along side

Height to level house