Brick Walls:

Retaining walls may need to be established in order to prevent erosion and land movement towards a home owners property, or to prevent a reoccurrence of a problem that has been rectified through house raising, pier replacement and leveling. Home owners may require our services to change the dwarf walls around the front of their house, as they may have sunk or broken due to settlement of the foundations.


Two major earthquakes in the Lower Hunter Valley, revealed a lack of tradesmen who were capable of repairing or rebuilding brick chimneys, this was due to the older style of chimneys being built of sand and lime mortar. The trend for new home owners has been towards central heating, or free standing wood burning fires, because of this, bricklayers today do not gain experience in chimney building techniques.

Extension footings:

When a home owner chooses to extend the number of rooms in their home, as opposed to relocating, it is critical that the new footings not only aligned correctly, but need to be passed by Local Authorities e.g. Councils and Mines Subsidence Board. Home owners provide Down Under Building Services Pty Ltd with their plans and we establish the footings to suit. These are constructed in such a manner that the new load bearing timbers distribute the weight evenly over the new and older sections of the home. If this does not happen, cracking may occur in the internal walls, or there may be problems with movement between new and old sections of the home.


Many home owners today are seeking to replace the older type of wooden verandahs (which have deteriorating timbers and splinters) with brick and concrete verandahs. As with extensions footings, it is imperative that the footings, and new addition to the building are properly aligned and the load bearing spread, otherwise significant gaps may appear between new and old sections of the home.



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General Bricklaying:

  • Barbecue areas
  • Courtyards, Patios and Outside Entertainment areas
  • Garages and Granny Flats
  • Extensions
  • External walls
  • Internal and External Feature walls
  • Brick Fences
  • Engineer specified retaining walls
  • General repairs to any or all of the above


  • General concreting for:
  • Verandahs
  • Garage slabs
  • Driveways
  • Footpaths
  • General slabs for construction purposes


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