Bay window with rotten timber due to being below ground & no brickwork (before)

(after) New brickwork waitiong for carpenter to replace timber


Old verandah (before)

(after) Owner requested changes & lowering

Verandah & Bricklaying

1.) House moved to site

2). Walls being built. Notice racking to allow removal of beams

3.) House after being lowered and bricks being placed


1). House being moved to site & back out to existing house

2). Walls being built around house. Notice toothing to allow steel beams to be removed

2b). Side view

3). Bricks placed in toothing after removal of steel beams

3b). Side view

New Verandah

1). Large crack in wall due to lack of footings and mine subsidence

2). Removal of verandah & footings to comply to mine subsidence

3). New verandah to owner's specifications


Front wall (before)

(after) Front Wall

Specialised Bricklaying

1). Cutting the front from a house

2). Toothing & re-building brickwork

3). Finished brickwork prior ro brick-cleaning

Bricklaying & Verandah

Small Verandah (before)

(after) Verandah finished prior to pouring of concrete slab


Removing wooden fireplace (before)

(after) Building fireplace for gas fire


1). Brick fencing

2). Brick Fencing

3). Brick Fencing

Specialised Bricklaying

1). Cracked brickwork

2). Cutting out & replacing bricks

1). Cutting bricks out of wall

2). Bricks Replaced prior to cleaning