Earth Moving Civil Construction

Excavations for Repiering:

We excavate the foundation for larger types of foundations (eg Extension footings; House raising; Commercial Repiering), thus providing them with reliable service at the time it is required. This requires us to excavate to City Council requirements and as per plans supplied by the customer.

Land Clearing and Dam Building:

This involves the clearing of the land/building of dams for agricultural purposes and varies in size. A discussion needs to be carried out with the owner of the property to ensure – in the case of land clearing – the exact area to be cleared; council/shire requirements; environmental considerations. – in the case of dams – the measurements of the proposed dam, site and environmental impact.


This pertains to agricultural drains, road building and road repairs. We tender for the installation of the above through newspaper advertisements. In the majority of instances these contracts are from local Councils; Water Corporation and local Shires. We have unsuccessfully tendered for projects let by the Federal Government.

Commercial Construction Foundations:

In commercial constructions and renovations, we tender for the excavation of foundations and basement areas (usually for car parking). This requires us to visit the sites, examine plans and building codes and discuss timetables for works (especially if the site is in an area that will be affected by traffic disruptions and/or business disruptions) availability and the number of trucks required to remove rubble, and available dumping sites.